Sidewalk Connectivity Plan

The 2018 Master Plan provided the recommendation to “Evaluate sidewalk gaps and prioritize new sidewalks based on their ability to connect residents to schools, activity centers, civic spaces, and recreation and open spaces in town.” Since early 2021, the Planning Department in collaboration with the Department of Public Works have been evaluating gaps in the existing sidewalk network to identify high priority areas for construction of new sidewalks. 
The resulting Sidewalk Gap Analysis and Connectivity Plan outlines a long-term vision to build over 10 miles of new sidewalks in North Andover, prioritizing connections with open space, schools, and commercial areas. Click here to view the proposed new sidewalks in the interactive Story Map
To implement this Plan, the Town will need to seek funding from a variety of sources, align implementation with other street improvements, and address obstacles to construction. View the full Sidewalk Gap Analysis and Connectivity Plan to learn more about the schedule and costs.
Questions? Reach out to Dan Beckley, Staff Planner, at
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