New Year Celebration Guidance from the North Andover Health Department

As people all over the Commonwealth are excited to celebrate the New Year, we advise while in the midst of a pandemic you keep in mind necessary distancing, mask, and gathering orders. We implore you to do your part for the greater good of the public by keeping any gatherings, parties, or social interactions to an absolute minimum.

For any New year-oriented celebrations keep in mind to:

  • ●  Limit in-person gatherings only to people you live with.

  • ●  When preparing food for family and neighbors, deliver them in a no-contact way.

  • ●  Consider hosting or attending a virtual New year celebration activity.

  • ●  If the weather permits such, increase general ventilation by keeping windows and doors open.

●  Avoid gatherings with elderly or those with various pre-existing health conditions.

Hosting gatherings with non-household members is not recommended in the current state of the pandemic however, in the event that any gatherings take place please keep in mind to:

  • ●  Limit indoor gatherings to 10 people, and outdoor gatherings to 25 people.

  • ●  Wear a mask if you are with non-household members.

  • ●  If you are traveling out of state please comply with the required travel order at:

  • ●  Wash your hands often with soap and water or use hand sanitizer.

  • ●  Do not share food, drink, or any utensils, including serving utensils.

●  Monitor yourself for fever or any symptoms 10 days before and after any gatherings.

Most importantly if you are feeling sick, have been in close contact with a positive COVID-19 case, or are awaiting COVID-19 test results please stay home. For any question please contact the North Andover Health Department by email at or or by phone at (978) 688-9540. 

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Town of North Andover Launches New Round of Small Business Relief Grants

Today, the Town of North Andover is launching a new round of grants for small businesses hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, which will provide needed financial support to restaurants and personal service businesses in North Andover.  The source of funding for this grant program is the Town's Columbia Gas Municipal Discretionary Fund; no taxpayer funds are being used.
Deadline: Applications will be accepted until noon on Friday, January 15, 2021. This deadline may be extended at the discretion of the Town if the grant funds have not been exhausted.  Awards are expected to be announced by early February.
To learn more and apply click here: 
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Employee of the Year 2020: Public Health Nurse Caroline Ibbitson

A message from Town Manager, Melissa Murphy-Rodrigues:

It is my honor to announce the Town of North Andover Employee of the Year for 2020, Caroline Ibbitson, Public Health Nurse.

The North Andover Employee of the Year program was instituted in 2020 to recognize annually one employee for being a team player, exhibiting exceptional customer service, going above and beyond expectations in their work, conduct and dedication, and who embodies the true meaning of being a public servant.  Nominations are submitted by town employees, and the Town Manager selects the winner based on those nominations.

“We received so many worthy nominations this year,” said Melissa Rodrigues, Town Manager.  “It was a truly difficult decision, but I have seen Caroline Ibbitson work countless hours to support this community and our residents through a pandemic.  She has been a true blessing, and we are lucky to have her.”

The Town of North Andover congratulates Caroline on this honor and thanks her for her dedication to our community.  

Below is some quotes from Caroline’s nominations:

During the pandemic I have had to consult with Caroline both personally and professionally, and in all matters she has responded with a sense of calm and caring.  Not only does Caroline handle the matter at hand, but she goes above and beyond to offer additional support and guidance.  Caroline has shown that she is truly committed and dedicated to helping the residents of North Andover as well as her fellow employees.”

“She has also been available to answer questions from many of us working on the frontlines sometimes at all hours of the night when we had questions about possible exposures and the protocols directly related to us.”

“I have called Caroline mornings, nights, weekdays and weekends and she is always ready to answer my questions regarding the virus and how to deal with an exposure. A lot of employees have stepped up this very difficult year in many departments, but to us Caroline is at the top of that list.”