Learn about and compare PTSD treatment options with the PTSD Treatment Decision Aid from @VA_PTSD_Info.

Are you considering seeking treatment for PTSD?  Use the free, interactive PTSD Treatment Decision Aid from Veterans Affairs National Center for PTSD to learn about effective treatments and consider which one may be best for you.   Click here to be taken directly to the guide, or visit the “Useful Links” tab of our Veterans Services webpage.

There are several effective PTSD treatments. This means that if you have PTSD, you have options. The PTSD Treatment Decision Aid helps you learn about these options and think about which treatment might be best for you. It also gives you tips on how to work with your provider to decide on a treatment.

Using the PTSD Treatment Decision Aid, you can:

    • Learn about effective PTSD treatments
    • Watch videos of providers explaining how treatments work
    • Build a chart to compare the treatments you like the most
    • Print a personalized summary

How to Use the PTSD Treatment Decision Aid

If you have – or think you have – PTSD, the PTSD Treatment Decision Aid is one of the best ways to learn about effective treatment options. You can go through this decision aid in order, or skip around to the sections that interest you. At the end, you can print or save a personalized summary of your symptoms, goals, and preferences. Share this summary with your provider at your next visit.

NOTE: This Decision Aid is not a substitute for medical care or advice from a provider. Only a licensed professional can diagnose PTSD.  

Veterans Affairs National Center for PTSD. (2017, June).  PTSD Treatment Decision Aid.  Retrieved from 


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The Veteran Resource Guide of the Merrimack Valley is now available on our webpage!

The Veteran Resource Guide of the Merrimack Valley is now available on the “Useful Links” tab of our Veterans Services webpage.
The guide was designed for those with different learning styles and includes
step by step instructions for use. Another helpful resource guide is The Green Book,
published by Elder Services of the Merrimack Valley. Both guides are to be used in
conjunction with each other.  The information contained in the Veterans Resource Guide has been compiled from
local, state and federal resources and used to assist veterans, their families and
professionals working with veterans to find access to service-related benefits.
Every effort has been taken to ensure the best possible accuracy of the information
contained in the guide. However, information is very fluid and is always subject to
change without notice. For that reason, an on-line version with the latest updates can
be accessed at www.esmv.org.  Should you find an error or know certain information to be incorrect, please contact
the Amesbury Council on Aging at 978-388-8138:   Amesbury Council on Aging.  (2018, May). The Veteran Resource Guide of the Merrimack Valley. Retrieved from https://www.amesburyma.gov/  

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Do you work with, live with, and/or care about Veterans? Check out @PsychArmor Institute’s free online courses!

PsychArmor Institute offers free online courses that are self-paced.  Their subject matter covers topic areas geared toward military culture, healthcare providers, employers, K-12 educators, higher education, volunteers, caregivers and families, transitioning service members, and communities serving Veterans. They provide resources to help all Americans engage effectively with service members and veterans.


Veterans Appreciation Dinner Held November 26th, 2018

A Veterans Appreciation Dinner was held last night, November 26, at the North Andover Senior Center. The meal was generously provided by the Accidental Food Bank and served by Local Scout Troops.  One of the scouts read a Veterans Appreciation Essay in which she wrote. Senator Bruce Tarr was also present to speak and show his support.  Steven Croteau from the Veterans Bonus Division in Boston and Joseph LeBlanc, District Director of Veterans Services for North Andover and Boxford, conducted the outreach.   Thank you to everyone who had part in making this event a success!


Congratulations to Corporal Stillwell on being presented with a Senate Citation today!

It’s always special to recognize a Veteran’s Service. It’s especially an honor to recognize the service of our World War II Veterans.  Corporal Stillwell, Enlisted in the U.S. Army on the 21st of June, 1943, served in the Rhineland, and Central European Campaigns. Corporal Stillwell was captured by German forces, in Germany in 1944. He spent the balance of the war as a Prisoner of War, returning home the 17th, of June 1945.  This Senate Citation was presented by Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr today.