Town Meeting Warrant Article of the Day – Article 7: Acquisition of 400 Great Pond Road

As we ready for Town Meeting, the Town will be presenting information every day on different warrant articles.

The full warrant has not yet been finalized, but a full list of the articles can be found here:

Article 7: Acquisition of 400 Great Pond Road

The Town is asking to transfer $1,700,000 from retained earnings (like free cash) in the Water Enterprise Fund to acquire the property at 400 Great Pond Road. The Town’s Watershed Plan, Water Capacity Plan and Open Space Plans have all called for the Town to work to acquire properties along Lake Cochichewick.  This home is located IN the lake, and currently requires the Town to routinely lower the lake’s water elevation in order to avoid flooding the owner’s home.  Acquisition of this property would allow the town to let the lake meet its natural elevation, which would create greater lake capacity.  It would also mitigate any potential contamination that could come from the home or its basement.

2022 AOD, Article 7.jpg