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New Portal

Dear Small Business, Friends and Partners,

The Disaster Loan Assistance portal has been updated again.

Stay tuned, as we will keep sharing updated information as we get them from HQ. Thank you for understanding.

New information will be disseminated as we receive it.

If you already submitted an application and want to check on status, please call customer service at 1-800-659-2955 (TTY: 1-800-877-8339) or e-mail

If you are submitting a new application, please follow the new streamlined steps in the portal ( as the questions are mostly the same from all the required documents in the previous version of the portal.

Small businesses are encouraged to apply for EIDL and then request an Economic Injury Disaster Loan advance of up to $10,000.  The loan advance will provide economic relief to businesses impacted by the Covid-19 disaster and funds will be made available within 3 days and this loan advance will not have to be repaid.    

Thank you for your continued patience as we are committed to continually providing updated information as we get it.


Please direct all inquiries and questions to our District Office email at:


Bob Nelson
District Director


Massachusetts District

Office Directory

District Director
Robert Nelson

Deputy District Director
Peter Kontakos

Springfield Branch Manager
Oreste Varela

Lead Lender Relations Specialist
Ili Spahiu

Lender Relations Specialist
Dan Martiniello

Lender Relations Specialist
Carlos Hernandez

Lead Business Opportunity / EDS
Nadine Boone

Business Opportunity Specialist
Susan Lourie

Economic Development Specialist
Lisa Gonzalez Welch

Public Affairs Specialist
Norman Eng

Additional Links and Resources:

If you are ready to apply online and just need an aid to walk you through the questions, please review the STEP-BY-STEP PDF and the RECORDED WEBINAR below…

Handout: SBA Disaster Assistance in Response to the Coronavirus

Handout: Asistencia de Desastre de la SBA en Respuesta al Coronavirus



Center for Women and Enterprise is open virtually!

How are you being impacted and what do you need?

CWE is doing a SURVEY to understand our local small businesses.

Please FILL OUT THE SURVEY and let them know how your business is being impacted by the current pandemic.  Share what issues you are facing, questions you are having and resources you need.

CWE will mobilize the network of small business expert friends to help you address specific challenges you may be having in your business in the coming weeks.

Funding & Financials

In times like these, it can feel scary to think about money flow. There is very little ‘free money’ available. Taking on low-interest debt through Disaster Relief programs can be a good fit for some businesses. Before making any decisions, make sure to think through your decision.

Some questions that can guide you:

  • Do you know how much it costs you to stay open? Your breakeven point is a great tool to guide your decisions.
  • How much money do you actually need in the immediate (week), intermediate (1-3 months), long-term (<1 year) for yourself from your business?
  • Where are there opportunities for you to negotiate around your expenses? How can you work with your vendors, landlord, customers?
  • Have you called your insurance company to inquire about your ‘interruptions’ coverage?
  • Where can you get creative and work ‘bare bones’ while still delivering to your standards of quality?

If you decide debt is an option for you:

  • What source is best for you? Have you talked with your banker to see what might be available to you?
  • If you can’t qualify for a loan through a traditional bank, there may be programs available to you in the coming weeks. How can you be best prepared for this type of program?
  • What’s your plan for paying the loan back?
  • What’s the minimum amount you can borrow to get you through these times without causing future challenges to your business when you have to repay?




Staff are working remotely and can be reached via email or telephone. MSBDC is committed to supporting entrepreneurs during these very challenging times.

MSBDC advisors can assist businesses with disaster loan applications.

If you are not currently a client and would like to speak with a counselor, please find your region and reach out to the REGIONAL OFFICE SERVING YOU.

Berkshire Regional Office
33 Dunham Mall, Suite 103
Pittsfield, MA 01201
413-499-0933 | Fax: 413-499-3005

Central Regional Office
Clark University
The Carriage House, 125 Woodland Street
Worcester, MA 01610
508-793-7615 | Fax: 508-793-8890

Northeast Regional Office
Salem State University
121 Loring Avenue, Suite 310
Salem, MA 01970
978-542-6343 | Fax: 978-542-6345

Procurement Technical Assistance Center
Scibelli Enterprise Center
1 Federal Street, Building 1
Springfield, MA 01105
413-545-6303 | Fax: 413-737-2312

Southeast Regional Office
200 Pocasset Street
Fall River, MA 02721
508-673-9783 | Fax: 508-674-1929

Western Regional Office
Scibelli Enterprise Center
One Federal Street, Building 101
Springfield, MA 01105-1160
413-577-1768 | Fax: 413-737-2312




Counseling Sessions with BOSTON SCORE CHAPTER:
If you want to speak with a counselor, SCORE is doing tele-consults. Just pick a date and time to schedule a session and enter your contact info, they are doing sessions by phone and Zoom video app.

Reach out to other SCORE CHAPTERS throughout the state below.

SCORE Boston Chapter

SCORE Worcester Chapter

SCORE Northeastern Massachusetts Chapter

SCORE Southeastern Massachusetts Chapter

SCORE Western Massachusetts Chapter

SCORE Cape Cod Chapter

SCORE Rhode Island (Serving Fall River, New Bedford)


SCORE Boston Webinar

Monday  3/30/20 at 3pm
Coronavirus – What Employers and Employees Need to Know

Tuesday  3/31/20 at 10am
So, You Want to Become a Consultant

Thursday  4/2/20 at 10am
6 Essential Steps to Create An eBook to Market Your Business

Thursday  4/16/20 at 10am
Intellectual Property for Small Businesses

Wednesday  4/29/20 at 10am
Funding Options – What to consider and Where to Find It.

WEBINAR with Venture Cafe Cambridge

Thursday April 2 at 4PM

Venture Cafe

SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan Overview

As of Wednesday, March 18th the SBA’s Economic Injury Disaster Loan program has been activated statewide in Massachusetts. Staff from the local district office are ready to help small businesses understand the resources available and navigate the process of submitting a disaster loan application.

Updated details about the SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan and how to apply will be provided, including:

  • Visit SBA online for the latest, go to:
  • Apply for the Economic Injury Disaster Loan by mail or online at:
  • Customer Service Center can be reached at: 1-800-659-2955 or e-mail
  • No cost to apply, small businesses are urged to submit applications right away because decisions are made on a first-come, first served basis.
  • NEW 12-Month Deferment period for the first payment was approved for EIDL program.
  • NEW Expedited Processing for loans under $500,000 where the submission of current tax return is not required for small businesses.
  • NEW SBA Express Bridge Loans now available
  • Sign-up for the latest updates at or follow @SBA_MA

Lender Relations Specialist  Dan Martiniello will be joining the virtual Connect conference that will be broadcasted on Venture Cafe’s Facebook page and Youtube Channel 

>> More info at Venture Cafe



RECORDED INTERVIEW: Bob Nelson on North Shore Conversations

Listen to District Director Robert Nelson on a recorded podcast with Laura Swanson Executive Director at the Enterprise Center at Salem State University talk about statewide activation of the Economic Injury Disaster Loan program.



RECORDED WEBINAR: How to Apply – SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan Overview

View On-Demand


Boston SCORE:  Coronavirus – What Employers and Employees Need to Know

View On-Demand

Topics will include:

Most recent legislative updates and the impact on your business
What to do should you face a temporary closure or reduction in staff
Understanding Sick Time, Vacation/PTO and FMLA – what to offer and when
Employee Health Guidelines – what to do should an employee disclose exposure to the virus or become symptomatic

(Presented by Boston SCORE Chapter)



All Massachusetts non-essential businesses are to cease in-person operations until April 7.

Examples of essential business types include:

  • Grocery / Convenience / Bodegas
  • Pharmacies
  • Laundromats / laundry services
  • Gas Stations
  • Automotive Repair
  • Moving & Storage
  • Plumbers, electricians, exterminators, inspectors and other providing emergency services
  • Food Businesses including restaurants and food trucks

The state also issued guidelines to limit gatherings to 10 people during the state of emergency, a reduction from the 25 person limit established in an earlier order. Please consider using tape or something similar to mark 6 feet between customers in line (both to enter and to pay). Click here for a copy of the Emergency Order and click here for a copy of the Guidance of Assemblages.


(Courtesy: Boston Business Journal, Worcester Business Journal, City of Springfield, Cape Cod Commission, and North Central Mass Chamber)


Disclaimer: The SBA does not endorse the organizations sponsoring linked websites, and does not endorse the views they express or the products/services they offer.  All programs and services are extended to the public on a nondiscriminatory basis. 

Important message about the North Andover Town Election

Important message about the North Andover Town Election: In response to the State of Emergency and concerns about COVID-19 and its implications on election administration, the Board of Selectmen voted to postpone the local election that was scheduled for tomorrow, March 31.  The new election will be held on Tuesday, June 2.  The new voter registration deadline is Friday, May 22 at 8PM.

In light of the need for social distancing, absentee ballots and early voting by mail is encouraged.  Absentee ballots are available in front of Town Hall.
For more information, please visit or call the Town Clerk's office at 978-688-9501.
election postponed.jpg

Thank you to FF Scot Harris and the North Andover Fire Department Local 2035 for donating 3 cases of toilet paper and delivering to homebound seniors!

Thank you to the NAFD Local 2035 as well as others who have donated!  
Would you like to make a donation to help members of the North Andover community?   Please visit, review the available slots and click on the button to sign up. Once you have signed up please contact Deanna Lima, Community Support Coordinator, to make arrangements for drop off; or call/text 978-989-1048. 
Are you in need of food or supplies?  Please contact Deanna at or call/text 978-989-1048. 
THANK YOU nafd.jpg

Connect with Us – Sign up for News and Announcement Emails, Get NA COVID Updates via Texts, Choose how to Receive Emergency Alerts

Choose how you receive the information that is important to you:

Shop Safely during COVID-19: What to do Before Going Out, Inside Establishment, and Once Home

Tips to Shop Safely during COVID-19
from the North Andover Health Department 

Social Distancing is a method recommended by the CDC and Massachusetts Department of Public Health to help limit and prevent the spread of illnesses such as COVID-19. This includes actions like limiting exposure to public places with large groups of people.

However, at some point you may need to go to a potentially crowded or busy establishment, such as a grocery store, in order to purchase items for yourself, your family or others. By following the tips listed below, you can help yourself and others continue to prevent the spread of COVID-19 while shopping.

Before Going Out:
●  If you are sick, elderly or immunocompromised do not go shopping. Call Town Hall at (978) 208 6070, or ask a family member or friend if they would purchase items for you and drop them off.
●  Check to see if the establishment has a delivery or online curbside pick-up option.
●  Shop at hours which will be less busy.
●  Make a list of items before leaving to minimize time in the store and avoid excess purchasing.
●  Keep trips to a minimum.
●  Keep in mind family, friends and neighbors who may be at risk and unable to shop. Call them and see if they need anything.
●  Wash your hands before going shopping.
●  If ordering takeout, stick to the estimated time frame for picking up the order.

Inside Establishment:
●  Sanitize your hands and the handle of shopping cart or basket.
●  Avoid touching foods, especially fruit and produce, unless you will be buying it.
●  Keep your distance from other shoppers and staff.
●  Cover all your coughs and sneezes.
●  If waiting in line, try to maintain 6 feet between you and the person in front of you.
●  AVOID PANIC BUYING. This results in empty shelves. Buy what you need according to the list you made.
●  Pay by credit or debit when available.
●  Where possible, have your receipt emailed to you instead of handed to you.
●  If picking up take-out, only enter the store once you’re food is ready to go. Instead of lingering in the lobby or outside the door, wait in your car.

Once at Home:
●  Wash hands before and after unpacking all items.
●  Wash fruits and vegetables once home.
●  Wipe down the surfaces that the grocery bags were placed on.
●  If delivering items to family, a friend or neighbor, make sure to alert them that the items have been dropped off to avoid any spoilage of food.

As always, please remember that limiting the spread of COVID-19 is a community effort which starts at the individual level. By following these tips, you can help one another avoid spreading COVID-19.

Don’t forget to Pre-Order Your Grab-& Go Meals! Beginning Monday (3/30) Pick Up and Delivery will be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday only.

The Town, in collaboration with the North Andover Public Schools, is offering food assistance to all North Andover residents regardless of age.

Please pre-order your meals here or by calling 978-208-6070.

Beginning Monday, March 30, 2020
Meals will be available for pickup or delivery
Monday, Wednesday and Friday ONLY
Families may take two days’ worth of meals
Questions?  Call 978-794-1895

For Small Businesses: Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act

The programs and initiatives in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act that was just passed by Congress and signed by the President are intended to assist business owners with whatever needs they have right now. When implemented, there will be many new resources available for small businesses, as well as certain non-profits and other employers. Click here for a guide that provides information about the major programs and initiatives that will soon be available from the Small Business Administration (SBA) to address these needs, as well as some additional tax provisions that are outside the scope of SBA.  Also, click here for FAQs about the CARES Act. 
cares act.jpg

How You Can Help Elders During COVID-19

Dear Friends
I hope this e- letter finds you and your family healthy and safe. As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic grows, Elder Services is taking varied measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our consumers and our staff; and continuing to provide home care and nutrition services. As you know, Governor Baker ordered all organizations and businesses that do not provide “COVID-19 Essential Services” to close effective noon, March 24. Because of the work we do supporting older adults and those with disabilities, Elder Services is considered an “essential service” and will remain operational. Although our staff is working remotely, and we are all taking appropriate precautions to limit contact, we continue to provide and expand services in response to our community needs.
  • Our case managers and providers continue to work with consumers to ensure their service needs are met, and they have adequate food and home care assistance. These services support health, nutritional needs, home sanitization and personal hygiene, as well as emotional support and comfort.
  • We have consistent delivery of Meals on Wheels each day. We have expanded our nutrition service to accommodate increasing number of elders as other nutritional programs like congregate meal programs have closed. We are also working with the food banks to deliver perishable goods to those in need.
  • We are hosting weekly calls with our 28 local councils on aging and senior centers to better understand local needs and how we might collaborate to meet those needs.
  • Our Protective Service team is still connecting with those older adults in our community at risk, assuring they are safe, and working with them to take appropriate steps when they are not.
Many of you have asked how you can help. We believe the need for food and services will continue to grow as the pandemic spreads. Our seniors are at higher risk because many depend on services and supports to maintain their health and independence. Our most critical need is funding from individuals and businesses, to enable us to manage the increasing costs of providing services and respond to a growing need for care from elder and disabled adults.  
You can help by donating today at
Can we count on your support?
We will continue to keep you updated as this situation continues to evolve. In the meantime, please be well and reach out if you have any questions. 

Thank you.
Joan Hatem-Roy
Chief Executive Officer
Elder Services of the Merrimack Valley and North Shore, Inc.

Elder Services of the Merrimack Valley and North Shore | 280 Merrimack Street, Suite 400, Lawrence, MA 01843
help elders.jpg