Spring Lawn Care: Be mindful if applying fertilizer and herbicides.

Healthy soils mean a healthy lawn and a healthy environment. As spring arrives and you begin cleaning up your yard, be mindful if applying fertilizer and herbicides. Read labels, apply properly, and store chemicals correctly.  Fertilizers should be slow-release and phosphorus-free.  And always be aware if you live in the Watershed to our Drinking Water Supply Lake Cochichewick or have wetlands, streams or ponds on or near your property, as fertilizers and herbicides are strictly regulated in these areas.  These efforts not only reduce costs to you while still maintaining a beautiful, healthy lawn, but also reduce the contamination of the environment and local waterbodies. Use this handy fertilizer application calculator to determine the best mix for your yard. And remember, never apply fertilizers or pesticides before a rainstorm! If you have any questions please visit our stormwater website for more information: https://www.northandoverma.gov/public-works/stormwater.