Protocols for June 2 Town Election

Protocols for June 2 Town Election 

In order to protect the public and town employees during the COVID-19 pandemic, the following protocols and procedures will be implemented for the June 2 election. 

Voters will line up to vote outside of the High School. The line to vote will be managed by the Emergency Management Department in order to ensure sufficient social distancing per ground markings. The Board of Health will determine the number of residents allowed in the building at a time. Voters will be asked their precinct prior to entering the building and if a voter is at that precinct they will be instructed to continue to wait outside. 

Masks will be required. If a resident can not wear a mask for medical reasons, a separate voting area will be set up to accommodate that voter. 

Traffic flow: Residents will enter and exit the building through separate entrances as directed by Emergency Management. Residents will not be allowed to congregate in the parking lot. 

Layout: Increased space between precincts. One voting booth per precinct. Layout will be reviewed by the Health Department. 

Check in: Double tables will be installed for both check in and check out. Names should be stated loudly and clearly. There will be one person for each precinct at check in and one person for each precinct at check out. The check out person will also monitor the ballot box. 

Cleaning: Check in tables and voting booths will be cleaned after each voter. 


● Safety bags for each worker 

○ Mask, sanitizer, red pen, gloves, water 

● Disposable pens 

● Masks for voters who forget them 

Staffing: 3 shifts of election workers will be put into place. Shift work will be as follows: 6:30 AM – 10:30 AM 10:30 AM – 2:30 PM 2:30 PM – 6:30 PM 6:30 PM – close Town Hall Staff / Employees will conduct end of night tallying 

Police to assist with traffic and to encourage gatherings to disburse. 

Emergency management to assist with crowd control, traffic flow and cleaning. 

Poll observers: Discuss with candidates in advance, in order to limit the number of people in building. 

Count observers: Discuss with candidates in advance, in order to limit the number of people in building. Number shall not exceed limitations set by the Board of Health. 

Food: Due to mask and sanitary requirements, food will only be provided for the staff that will be working the entire day. Election workers are encouraged to bring their own snacks if needed, but will have to eat it in the cafeteria. 

Board of Registrar: One Board of Registrar will be present per shift to assist the Town Clerk with inactive voter registration issues. 

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