Phase 1: Guidance for Reopening and Continuing Operations

North Andover Health Department

Community and Economic Development Division

Phase 1: Guidance for Reopening and Continuing Operations

As we move forward with the Governor’s plan to phase in different establishments and businesses, the North Andover Health Department is looking to provide the required documentation for your business in order to reopen or continue operating in a manner that will protect both staff and customers, and keep you in full compliance with the requirements set forth by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. For Reopening Phases for business categories, please see the chart created by the State of Massachusetts that notes different business categories and reopening dates or phases. 

In order to be operating in full compliance, please see the following directions:

  1. Visit 

    1. On the left side of the page, you will see a tab that says “COVID-19 Reopening”. Click this tab to be redirected to a google drive.

  2. Once inside this tab, you will see two folders. One is labeled “All Businesses”, and the other is labeled “Sector Specific Information”. 

    1. Download and print all documents from the “All Businesses” folder.

    2. Next, click on “Sector Specific Information”.  Go through this folder for any documents related to your type of business. Examples include guidance on Construction, Manufacturing, Office safety and more. Download and print all applicable documents.

  3. All businesses, whether already operating or reopening, must fill out and review the documents with staff under the “ALL BUSINESSES” folder in order to be in full compliance with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Standards. These documents include:

    1. COVID-19 Control Plan – Once fully completed, this template satisfies the written control plan requirement for self-certification. Keep this on site at all times.

    2. Compliance attestation poster – This poster must be printed and signed, and posted conspicuously so that it is available to employees and visitors.

    3. Employer and Employee posters – These are posters that businesses should review with staff, and can print and display within the business premises to describe rules for maintaining social distancing, hygiene protocols, and cleaning and disinfecting.

The listed documents should be completed AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
Failure to complete the above tasks may result in non-compliance actions.

Phase 1 Guidance for Reopening.pdf

phase 1 guidance.jpg