Phase 3 Update – Step 1: Sports, Gyms, Fitness Centers and other Reopenings

North Andover Health Department

Community and Economic Development Division

Phase 3 Update – Step 1:  Sports, Gyms, Fitness Centers and other Reopenings

Last week, Governor Baker announced that effective on July 6, 2020 Massachusetts would be entering Phase 3 of our phased reopening plan. Similar to the implementation of Phase 2, Phase 3 will consist of at least two steps and allow different areas of business and recreation to open in each step. Please see the links below to see some examples of what is allowed to open in Phase 3, Step 1: 

All reopening businesses must reopen in accordance with any relevant Sector Specific Guidelines and must also complete all self-certifying documents

One area of Phase 3, Step 1 that many of us were waiting for is the reopening of gyms, fitness centers and organized sports. Gyms and fitness centers are allowed to open with restrictions, and they will likely look different than the last time you saw them. Make sure to follow any signage, guidance or instructions when using your gym or fitness center. Low and moderate risk sports are also allowed to resume according to specific guidance as well. Low-risk sports pertain to ones that can be completed individually or while socially distancing like tennis, swimming, golf and gymnastics. Moderate risk sports may have intermittent contact and include baseball, softball, volleyball, field hockey and no-contact lacrosse. As a reminder, all sporting leagues must submit COVID-19 safety plans and get approval from the North Andover Youth and Recreation Services Director prior to utilizing town fields.

High risk sports are not allowed in Phase 3, Step 1 and include football, soccer, basketball, hockey, competitive cheer and lacrosse. For clarification, please see Figure 1 located below.

All areas of business allowed to reopen at this time are found in Order No. 43 on page 8.

Phase 3 also begins easing the restrictions on gatherings pertaining to Indoor and Outdoor events. All indoor or outdoor events such as, but not limited to a wedding, party, or other event must meet the minimum standards for these events as specified by the state. Requirements include limiting the number of individuals, maintaining social distancing, the use of face coverings and much more.

By adhering to all sector specific guidelines and continuing all the practices that got us to this point, Massachusetts will be able to keep moving forward towards Step 2 in Phase 3 and ultimately towards Phase 4 and a new normal.

Figure 1