Municipal Electrical Aggregation-Electric Supply Rate Savings

In 2016 the Annual Town Meeting authorized the Town Manager to seek an alternative electric supply for all residents and businesses when the market rates for that supply are less than the Basic Rate offered by National Grid. With winter electric rates due to increase by more than 20%, the Town recently participated in a bid for electric supply. As a result of that bid, town residents and businesses will see a 7.5% decrease from National Grid winter Basic Service Rate. Residents and businesses are not required to take any action to benefit from this alternative winter rate. In January your electric bill will include a mailer which explains what will look different about your bill and then in February your new lower rate will take effect (based on your energy usage from January). Your bill will still come from National Grid and you will still contact them with any questions about service or billing.

As an added benefit any North Andover customer will be able to “opt in” to a 100% Green rate. The supply of this electricity comes from all renewable sources and is still less expensive than the National Grid winter Basic Service Rate, but slightly more expensive than the default “Brown” rate. Again, no action will be required to see reduced electricity costs. Action will only be required if you want to “opt out” and pay the higher National Grid winter Basic Service rate or if you want the “Green” rate.

This lower rate will positively affect your bills from February through July of 2019. Prior to the end of this period, the Town will bid the electric supply again and determine if the National Grid Basic Service rate or a private supplier rate is more beneficial for North Andover residents and businesses.