#MVGasFire Updates for October 3 | Greater Lawrence Disaster Relief Fund Open Today @ECCFGives

Apply Online: https://www.gldrf.org

More Information at: eccf.org/gldisasterrelieffund

In response to the overwhelming needs facing those impacted by the September 13, 2018 over-pressurization of the low pressure gas pipeline in North Andover, Andover, and Lawrence, Governor Charlie Baker, Mayor Dan Rivera, Town Manager Andrew Flanagan, and Town Manager Andrew Maylor announced the establishment of the Greater Lawrence Disaster Relief Fund to provide assistance with short- and long-term shelter and sustenance needs. The Fund is being supported by donations from Columbia Gas and generous members of the community. 

Resources from the Greater Lawrence Disaster Relief Fund will support household units and businesses affected by the 7,500 Columbia Gas meters on the low-pressure lines in Lawrence, Andover and North Andover who have been without gas since Sept. 13. 

If you are one of the 7,500 metered household units or businesses affected, you are invited to apply for funding by completing the form below for financial support from the Fund. 

Only one application per household unit will be awarded the stipend check. The head of the household should apply. The head of household is considered the person whose name appears on the deed, mortgage, lease/rental receipts, or utility and other household bills. Again, only one application per household will be awarded the stipend check.

Only one application per business address will be awarded the stipend check. 

The Fund will provide a $550 stipend check per household unit or business to those who are eligible.