Help us find North Andover’s Post Cane

    On August 2, 1909,  Mr. Edwin A. Grozier, Publisher of the Boston Post, a newspaper, forwarded to the Board of Selectmen in 700 towns* (no cities included) in New England an ornate engraved-headed ebony cane with the request that it be presented with the compliments of the Boston Post to the oldest citizen of the town, to be used by them until the appropriate time when it will be given to the next oldest citizen of the town.  The cane would belong to the town and not the person or family who received it.  It is believed that North Andover’s Post Cane went missing in the 1950’s or 1960’s.

    The North Andover Women’s Club wishing to bring back this tradition, have purchased 2 replica canes, one for presentation and one for displaying at Town Hall.  However, they are asking anyone who has any information or knowledge of past recipients of the cane that might help us solve the mystery of the missing North Andover Post cane to please contact Rosemary Connelly Smedile, Selectman & President of the North Andover Women’s Club at 978-689-2949.  Many towns have recovered their lost canes.  Also, if you find the cane and return it, you will be rewarded with one of the replicas with gratitude and thanks.  So let the hunt begin, check your homes, attics, garages and barns. Ask your family and friends and help solve the mystery. 


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