Space Heater Update

Beginning September 27: If you have scheduled a space heater appointment and that appointment has not yet happened you should receive a call with the following message:

“Thank you for scheduling an evaluation of space heater options.  In order to move more quickly toward full restoration of gas service for your home with minimal inconvenience, Columbia Gas and teams will be completing detailed assessments of every affected home in the area in the upcoming weeks. To be most effective in this effort and best utilize your time we have canceled your space heat evaluation in order to complete your full home assessment to include an evaluation of the space heat requirements and will include the installation of smoke alarms/CO detectors as appropriate.  If your home is determined to have the electrical capacity to safely support a space heater, the assessment teams will provide one when they visit you.

Columbia Gas will be providing automated phone calls several days before our teams arrive in your neighborhood in order to give you and approximate date for this full home assessment. I apologize but, specific appointments will not be made at this time. Thank you”

This message also applies to those who have not scheduled a space heater appointment. There is no longer a need to do so.