#MVGasFire @ColumbiaGasMA is venting the natural gas system in North Andover and Andover on September 26 throughout the day.

@ColumbiaGasMA is venting the natural gas system in Andover and North Andover on September 25 throughout the day. This is a routine and safe procedure to ensure any residual gas is removed from the natural gas lines prior to crews beginning work. Venting will occur throughout the restoration process.
During this process, you’ll see gas utility workers and emergency responders around the venting area. There will be some traffic in areas where venting is occurring. Our crews will also be working throughout the community. Please drive carefully throughout construction zones and follow the direction of traffic signs and on-site crew.
You may notice an odor of gas and hear loud noises around the following areas. If you ever suspect a leak, stop what you’re doing, leave the area and call 911 and Columbia Gas from a safe place.
North Andover
  • Intersection of Chickering, Pleasant and Russell streets
  • Intersection of Essex and Brook streets
  • Intersection of Phillips and Main streets
  • Intersection of Elm and Pine streets

#MVGasFire Summary of Up to Date North Andover Information and Resources: northandoverma.gov/mvgasfire

It can be difficult to keep up with all of the current news on the #MVGasFire.

Visit northandoverma.gov/mvgasfire for an up to date summary and timeline.

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