Columbia Gas Leak Updated Restoration Hotline Number (1-866-388-3239) and Instructions to Confirm/Expedite Your Home Being Cleared for Return

Affected Columbia Gas Leak customers, please use the new Restoration Hotline number: 1-866-388-3239.
If your home has not beencleared for return, please tape your contact phone number clearly on the door of your home to expedite restoration in addition to using the new hotline number. Do not enter your home. Return to a safe area and wait to be notified.
Most homes on the cleared list should have power restored. Newly cleared homes and streets may not have power restored immediately.
Even if your home is cleared for return, do not turn your gas service on by yourself if it is disconnected. Call the hotline number for service restoration: 1-866-388-3239.
Individual home owners may be contacted by the utility company to notify you when your home has been cleared for return.
All homes on a street must be cleared before the street is cleared and added to the list. Visit northandoverma.govto view the current list of cleared streets.