Who let the dogs out?! Animal Control and @NoAndoverPolice posted that they have picked up 13 dogs since May 2nd of this year. Make sure your dog’s license is up-to-date to help you get reunited with your dog faster if they get out.

Do you have a new puppy at home, or maybe you just moved to town?  Make sure you obtain a license for your dog (once the dog turns 6 months old) by either visiting the Town Clerks office or requesting one by mail.  You must also bring or send in a CURRENT RABIES VACCINATION RECORD.  Dog licenses must be renewed annually.
What is needed to obtain a new license?
• An updated Rabies Vaccination Certificate
• Cash or check for $20.00 (please do not mail cash)*
• A completed dog license application
*Dog license fees can also be paid online.
View the Town of North Andover General Bylaws for dogs here: