Be Ready Before the Storm with these tips from @MassEMA – Hurricane Preparedness Week 2020

How Residents Can Prepare

    • Know Your Evacuation Zone
    • Make an Emergency Plan
      • Develop a plan with the members of your household to prepare for what to do in a tropical cyclone including making an evacuation plan, planning for individuals with access and functional needs, and any extra considerations during COVID-19 pandemic including how you might evacuate and where you might evacuate to. If you are in a high risk population, the safest option may be to evacuate to a location without the general public such as a hotel, relatives’ home or other destination. 
    • Build an Emergency Kit
      • Build an emergency kit containing items that will sustain you and your family in the event you are isolated for three to five days without power or unable to go to a store and customize for your family’s needs. During the COVID-19 pandemic, include face coverings, masks, hand sanitizer and other cleaning supplies that you may need.
    • Stay Informed
      • Every family should have multiple methods for receiving emergency alerts. Learn more about different types of alerting and information tools including the Emergency Alert System, Wireless Emergency Alerts, NOAA Weather Radio, Social Media & Traditional Media, 2-1-1 Hotline, Local Notification Systems:
      • The Town of North Andover uses Smart911 to inform and alert residents of issues in the area. The alerts can be sent to all types of phones, including mobile, landline, VOIP, and cable. Sign up for alerts and update your profile every six to twelve months to make sure you are receiving the most pertinent information.