Disabled Veterans eligible for free National Park Service Lifetime Access Pass

A little-known benefit from the Interior Department gives military veterans with any disability rating from the Department of Veterans Affairs a free lifetime pass to national parks and other recreation areas, as well as discounts on some fees.

The lifetime Access Pass is advertised as available to those who “have been medically determined to have a permanent disability … does not have to be a 100 percent disability.” – A National Parks official confirmed that any veteran with a disability rating from the VA should be able to access it.
“If a veteran has [a] disability paper that states they have a 10 percent disability, etc., the ranger would accept it,” Kathy Kupper, a National Parks spokesperson, said in an email.

Veterans who have been medically determined to have a disability are eligible for the Lifetime Access Pass—with three options for obtaining the pass:

  1. Order the Access Pass online
  2. Obtain the pass through mail by filling out a paper application form
  3. Visit a participating federal recreation site where interagency passes are issued

nationa parks access pass.jpg