Guidance for Exercising in Public Areas, including one way walking recommendations for town common and high school track

North Andover Health Department
Community and Economic Development Division

Exercising in Public Areas

The North Andover Health Department has received some concerns regarding the use of different public areas for exercising, including but not limited to the High School track and fields and the town common.  As of now there is no closure issued for these areas but the Health Department would like you to abide by the following tips when exercising in these locations.

  1. Make sure to adhere to any signage you see posted at these locations. For example, the common has signage to keep everyone moving in the same direction. Adhering to any signage at these locations can help people keep their distance from one another while being able to exercise safely.

  2. Before utilizing one of the public areas in Town for exercise, check how busy it is. If you arrive at a public area and it seems crowded, wait for people to leave before deciding to walk or run. You can also try using a different location, like one of the many hiking trails or even walking around your neighborhood instead.

  3. Continue social distancing while exercising. Keep a 6 foot distance between yourself and the individuals around you. If this does not seem feasible, try using an alternate location or coming back at a less popular time.

  4. Wear a face covering. The Center for Disease Control recommends all individuals wear a face covering when in public areas. You can find instructions on how to make one on the North Andover Health Departments website.

  5. Avoid going out in or creating groups at public areas. Going out to exercise alone or with one other person helps limit the number of individuals at one location. By not creating groups on site, it helps enforce social distancing measures.

  6. Avoid stopping on the public pathway if possible. If you need to take a break or rest during your period of physical activity, move off to the side to allow others to pass. 

Thank you and stay safe.

Exercising in Public Areas.pdf