North Andover Annual Census

The annual town census will soon be in your mailbox. By signing and returning this form, this allows us to:

  • Keep an accurate count of residents which assist in applying for State / Federal grants
  • Keep you active on the voter’s list
  • Assist the schools with their school enrollment projections

To update the form:

  • Cross out the incorrect information and write on the form the correct information
  • For any resident that is still listed and has moved from North Andover, their signature will be required on the form to remove them from the census
  • If you have a college student that lives away from home but still considers North Andover as their primary residence, they can remain on the census

Once received and signed, you can

  • Mail the form to the Town Clerk’s office,
  • Deposit it in the Town Hall Business Mailbox, or
  • Scan and email to

Questions: Call the Town Clerk’s office at 978-688-9501