Town of North Andover Awarded Funding from MassDevelopment to Complete Rt. 125 Corridor Study

MassDevelopment today announced that it will award funding to the Town of North Andover, as part of its Real Estate Technical Assistance Program, to complete a Corridor Study and Plan for the Route 125 corridor.  The Study will examine existing conditions, zoning, land uses, and physical environment; conduct a public outreach and engagement process to identify a future vision and goals for the corridor; and provide a set of actionable recommendations for enhancements to zoning, the physical environment, and other elements. 
Findings from the study will help the town capitalize on the arrival of a 3.8 million-square-foot Amazon warehouse and distribution facility at Osgood Landing, new housing and commercial facilities that have recently been constructed at 1210 Osgood Street, and an extension of sewer service that will be installed along the corridor from Sutton Street to the Haverhill border.
The Study will also enable the Town to achieve several Master Plan objectives and strategies, most notably, to “Undertake a series of area plans for key commercial and mixed-use nodes to establish desired visions and outcomes for each location and craft zoning to implement those desired outcomes.”
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