Lake Cochichewick Watershed Plan

The Town has partnered with Weston & Sampson to update its 1987 Lake Cochichewick Watershed Plan. In the coming months, Weston & Sampson will engage stakeholders, test water samples, develop educational strategies, and put together a plan that will guide the protection and management of the Town’s drinking water. 

Do you know if you live in the Lake Cochichewick Watershed (which extends far beyond the Lake’s shore)? What can you do at home to protect the Watershed? Find out all this and more at the Lake Cochichewick Watershed Plan web page:

While visiting the website, please take the survey and make your voice heard for the Watershed Plan update. This is a great opportunity to provide input on the Lake Cochichewick Watershed and learn what you can do to protect the Town’s drinking water.

Watch for more news on watershed planning and public engagement opportunities in 2021!