North Andover Merchants Association Shop Local Gift Exchange

It's time to shop and support local! Join the North Andover Merchants Association Secret Gift Exchange! Using this link:, sign up to participate in a town wide “Secret Santa”. Everyone who joins will agree to buy a one gift between $10-20 from a local NA business; could be a crafter, a car wash, a gift shop, a salon, etc. You get to choose, but it has to be in NA. Register by 11/28, names will be autogenerated on 11/29 and you will be notified via email who your recipient is. If we get 200 people to play, we can put $2000-4000 back into our businesses in no time. Send the link to friends and family not on Facebook. The only other rules are you have to be 18 to participate and live in North Andover. More details in the link!

nama gift exchange.png