September/October Donation Request for our Senior Community from @NA_SeniorCtr

The North Andover Senior Center is in need of the following donations to help support our senior community:
  • Fruit cups (low sugar and regular fruit juice)
    • Applesauce, Fruit Cocktail, Peaches, Oranges
  • Soups
    • Chunky, hearty soups (low sodium), if possible, Healthy Choice, Progresso
    • Beef Stew single-serving meals in a container
  • Small individual serving size Oatmeal (low sugar)
  • Cereal small single servings
    • Small boxes Special K, Cheerios, Rice Krispies, Corn Flakes, etc.
  • Instant serving potatoes
  • Rice single servings
  • Tuna fish in water (50 cans or packages)
  • Tuna Fish in oil  (10 cans or packages)
  • Chicken cans, turkey cans, ham
  • 100 cans variety of small cans of vegetables (no corn)
    • peas, green beans, carrots, string beans (salt and low salt any vegetables)
  • Small fun pumpkins or gourds (decorations for 120 bags)
  • Paper goods
    • Toilet paper
    • Small boxes of Kleenex
  • Bags of pods: laundry and dish detergent (easier to carry)
Thank you for your continued support!
Please contact Irene or Cahla at 978-688-9560

sept oct request.jpg