The @DeptofDefense announced New ID Cards Being Issued for Military Family Members, Retirees – Learn More!

On Monday, the Department of Defense announced that they will be transitioning to an all-new card system: the Next Generation Uniform Services Identification Card. The new ID card transitions the current laminated paper card to a more durable, secure, next generation USID card. 
USID cards are issued to retired and reserve members, dependent family members of Uniformed Services members, and other eligible individuals in accordance with DoD policy to facilitate access to benefits, privileges, and DoD bases. The Next Generation USID card does not change the populations who are eligible to receive the current card.  

Beginning July 31, 2020, individuals with expiring ID cards will begin to receive the Next Gen USID card at ID card issuance facilities as they are equipped with the equipment and supplies necessary to issue the Next Gen USID card. In an effort to conserve resources and limit the impact on ID card issuance facilities, cards will not be reissued solely for the purpose of obtaining the Next Gen USID card.

Read the full Defense News article to learn more.

Click here for a list of Next Generation USID Card FAQs.

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