VA: New Emergency Care Centralized Notification, effective June 8, 2020

*Veterans do not need to check with VA before calling for an ambulance or going to an emergency department. During a medical emergency, VA encourages all Veterans to seek immediate medical attention without delay. It is, however, important to promptly notify VA within 72 hours of presenting to the emergency room.*

New Emergency Care Centralized Notification

Effective June 8, 2020, VA is establishing a national emergency care contact center to simplify the emergency care notification process.

Providers, Veterans, and representatives should report instances of a Veteran presenting to a community emergency room to the VA Community Care Centralized Notification Center within 72 hours of the start of emergent care using one of the following options:

Phone: 1-(844)72HRVHA or (844-724-7842)

The Community Care Centralized Notification Center offers simplified access to VA for care coordination, eligibility determination, and payment authorization information. Notifying VA within 72 hours is important because this:

  • Allows VA to assist the Veteran in coordinating necessary care or transfer.
  • Helps ensure that the administrative and clinical requirements for VA to pay for the care are met.
  • May impact a Veteran’s eligibility for VA to cover the cost of emergency treatment.

The person notifying VA should be prepared to supply the case information detailed in the Non-VA Hospital Emergency Notification, VA Form 10-10143g, when calling or emailing notification for care coordination and eligibility determinations.

For more information please visit VA Community Care.
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