Green Communities Grant

Thanks to another grant awarded by the Green Communities Division of the Department of Energy Resources and utility incentives, the Town was able to replace inefficient lighting fixtures with new LED fixtures at the Middle School, High School and the Department of Public Works.  Additionally, perimeter air sealing was done at the Middle and High Schools to address weatherization needs.  Thank you to Facilities Director, Stephen Foster, for his continued dedication to making our buildings as energy efficient as possible. 

Upgrading lighting to LED and preventing air from escaping through the building perimeter are easy and effective ways to save money and energy.  The Town anticipates these projects will result in a total annual cost savings of $41,593.00, which includes maintenance savings of $7,895.  The average return on investment for the lighting upgrades is over 23% with an average payback of approximately 4.4 years when including maintenance savings. The projects will result in 5,015 BTU saved per Green Community dollar. Additionally, the Town will be making a positive impact on the environment by reducing its carbon footprint with a CO2 reduction of 86 tons.  Learn more about the benefits of LED lighting at

Since it's designation as a Green Community, the Town has received $677,687 in grant funding from the DOER and $344,979 in utility incentive grants.  For more information on Green Communities and the benefits of obtaining the designation, please click here to go to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Green Communities Division website. 

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