The Town of North Andover is Partnering with @PetData to Make Animal Licensing Easier!

A Town of North Andover license tag is your pet’s ticket home! It only takes a moment to register – either online or by mail!  Visit  and click ”online” under License Now to get started!

We are excited to announce that the Town of North Andover has partnered with PetData to provide animal licensing services. Licensing your dog is not only the Law in Massachusetts, but it is very important in terms of rabies control in our Town. All dogs over the age of 12 weeks old are required to be rabies vaccinated and a dog license is proof that, as a good dog owner, you are keeping up with your state required vaccines. In addition, if your dog becomes loose, loses his collar with tags and is picked up by Animal Control or a Good Samaritan, did you know that Animal Control and the Police Department are able to search for where the dog might live just by the licensed dog’s description? Not only is this important for finding the dog’s home, but it will also prevent your dog from an unwanted stay in a kennel with Animal Control over night and will prevent a citation for an unlicensed dog on top of kenneling fees! A dog license is the fastest and most reliable way to find a dog owner so please do yourself and your dog a favor, a yearly dog license can go a long way! Still don’t think you need a dog license? Did you know that your veterinarian is required by state law to report all rabies vaccines administered by their clinic to the town their clients reside in? Avoid a citation and license today!  PetData will make it easier for you to license or renew your pet’s registration online or by mail.  Please see reverse side for sample renewal notice.

PetData, headquartered in Texas, has 25 years of experience with animal licensing programs, and has processed over 16 million licenses and rabies vaccinations. Animal licensing is PetData’s sole business, and partnering with them to execute a successful animal licensing program will allow the Town Clerk’s office to dedicate more of their time to upcoming elections. 

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