Casting Adjustment and Road Paving – Andover Street, Dale Street, Vest Way, and Carlton Lane.

As part of the annual Roads Program, crews will begin casting adjustments starting tomorrow on Andover Street, Dale Street, Vest Way, and Carlton Lane. 

Paving of Andover Street is scheduled for Saturday, September 28th, weather permitting.  Paving of the remaining three streets will be scheduled in the coming weeks.


Columbia Gas Compliance Checks – Information Regarding Additional Inspections

Dear Neighbors,


On September 12, 2019, the Department of Public Utilities informed the Town of North Andover that Columbia Gas may be out of compliance with part of the restoration plan.


Since then, Columbia Gas, the town and the Commonwealth have spoken multiple times regarding planning and progress for compliance checks.


Currently, Columbia Gas is calling North Andover residents whose properties require additional inspection.  They plan to call each property three times and visit each property to leave paper documentation of their request.  If property owners do not schedule an appointment with Columbia Gas, the company will be returning in ten days to perform trench work in order to view the main from the street.  This will be more time consuming and disruptive than the review of the main from the home.


The Town is encouraging residents to make these appointments to expedite this process.


The affected homes list is available here: Columbia Gas Abandoned Gas Service Lines Inspection List.pdf


If you have additional questions, please call Columbia Gas at 866-388-3239.  


The press release from Columbia Gas can be seen here: CMA-Press Release—MV Service Lines Compliance-Checks.pdf



Melissa Murphy-Rodrigues, Esq.

Town Manager