May 14, 2019 Town Meeting: Moderator Mark DiSalvo Straw Poll Results

Please find linked the comparative results of our recent test of a remote voting straw poll made available by Moderator Mark DiSalvo.  

This small but perhaps significant experiment revealed that there was complete correlation between the straw poll remote voting survey of citizens and the actual results of the deliberative Town Meeting on May 14, 2019.  

60 North Andover voters took part in the survey innovation. The results show that each article that passed Town Meeting by citizens who attended where all the votes counted reflected fully the results in the straw poll. The experiment was in preparation for the possibility of future virtual town meetings where remote voting would need to take place or providing access to those who cannot participate at the meeting for good reason but choose to be part of town meeting deliberations.  Lessons are being assessed and there will be future communication about providing this opportunity for the upcoming June 18, 2019 Special Town Meeting.  

Thank you to all who participated.


Annual Hydrant Flushing


The Town of North Andover Department of Public Works will begin annual hydrant flushing starting this week and continuing throughout the summer.  Hydrant flushing is part of the water system’s preventative maintenance program. Flushing helps to remove naturally occurring sediment from the distribution system which assists in maintaining water quality and clarity. Flushing also allows the Department of Public Works to test the hydrants for adequate flow and pressure, identify leaks in the distribution system and inspect gate valves. While most of the sediment is flushed from the pipes, a small amount will remain suspended in the water and may cause temporary discoloration of the water. When this occurs, residents are asked to run cold water at faucets and outside spigots to help alleviate the problem.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding hydrant flushing, please call North Andover Public
Works at (978) 685-0950.