Try using a salt alternative at your home this winter and help avoid the harmful effects that road salt can have on our groundwater supplies, local waterways, and rest of our surrounding environment. @mrwc_ @SalemSoundCoast @ipswichriverorg

Getting slippery out there? We know that road salt can keep our streets safer, but it can have very harmful effects on our surrounding environment. Once washed off of sidewalks and roads, the salt makes its way to nearby rivers, oceans and/or groundwater supplies where it causes a significant change in salinity – interrupting an ecosystem's natural balance. Salty water is much harder for plants to absorb through their root systems and causes great stress on fresh water creatures like fish, amphibians and many invertebrates. A perfect solution has not been determined, but there are many natural alternatives to be explored. You can do your part by using some of these salt alternatives at home!

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