GAS MAIN REPLACEMENT PROJECT – Night work Starting August 26th on Chickering Road (Route 125) at the Mass Ave, 9pm-5am.

Columbia Gas is continuing gas main replacement on Massachusetts Ave.  On Sunday night, August 26th, they will begin night work on Chickering Road (Route 125) at the Mass Ave. intersection.  The work is anticipated to last 2 nights, but is weather dependent.  Work hours will be 9pm to 5am.

Gas Main Replacement Project

COLUMBIA GAS – Night work Starting August 5th . Columbia Gas is continuing gas main replacement on Main Street and Park Street. On Sunday night, August 5th, they will begin night work on Chickering Road (Route 125) at the Main Street and Park Street intersections. The work is anticipated to last 5 nights, but is weather dependent. Work hours will be 8pm to 5am, except for a later start time on Tuesday the 7th due to the National Night Out activities.

FY19 Roads Program – Street Paving

Project Description:

Each year our roadway program includes improvements to be performed on various streets to upgrade the conditions of the Towns streets. The work performed each year typically consists of crack sealing, milling (cutting down approximately 1-1/2 inches) existing pavement and repaving, or reclaiming (full depth pulverization of approximately 3 inches of asphalt) depending on the specific needs determined by the Pavement Management Study/Plan and DPW. 

In addition, specific projects may require additional grading, drainage improvements, repair of curbing and/or sidewalks, and striping where road construction improvements are being done. 

The roadway program is based on the Pavement Management Study/Plan that investigated all roads in Town, rated the condition of the roads, identified the repair methods, and projected the anticipated costs. The Plan is periodically updated based on current conditions, future projects including utility upgrades, and the re-examination of the roadways typically performed every 4-5 years.

The following list identifies the proposed roadways included in the Fiscal Year 2019 (July 2018 to July 2019) program:

  • Boxford Street – Duncan Drive to Sherwood Drive
  • Boxford Street – Candlestick Road to Salem Street
  • Salem Street – Granville Road to Pheasant Brook Road
  • High Street – Sutton Street to Prescott Street
  • Quail Run – Entire Length
  • Monteiro Way – Entire Length
  • Brentwood Circle – Entire Length
  • Crossbow Lane – Ingalls Street to Laconia Circle
  • Hollow Tree Lane – Entire Length
  • Longwood Avenue – Rosedale Ave to Chestnut Street
  • Mount Vernon Street – Entire Length

Project Schedule: 

Crews have begun marking limits of paving and utility locations.  Casting adjustments and paving will be scheduled in early fall.

Work on the High-Water-Elm Intersection Project continues this week as castings are adjusted on Water Street, East Water Street, and Clarendon Street. Paving will take place next week, weather permitting. Stay tuned for more updates!

This project includes reconstruction of the High/Water/Elm Street intersection with installation/realignment of curbing, rehabilitation of the drainage system and reconstruction of the sidewalks along with road paving and new street markings.  Paving the full length of Water Street, High Street (Water St. to Prescott St.), Clarendon Street and East Water Street are also included in the project.

Detour and Parking Alert: On Wednesday (7/18/18) and Thursday (7/19/18), construction crews will be milling the road surface as part of the High Water Elm Intersection Project.

Parking restrictions and traffic detours will be in place throughout the work. Access to adjacent
properties and the Mills will be maintained at all times, however delays should be expected.
An approximate schedule of the operation and traffic management plan can be viewed here: 

Hydrant Flushing: The Town of North Andover Department of Public Works will begin annual hydrant flushing starting the week of July 9, 2018.

Hydrant flushing is part of the water system’s preventative maintenance program. Flushing helps to remove naturally occurring sediment from the distribution system which assists in maintaining water quality and clarity. Flushing also allows the Department of Public Works to test the hydrants for adequate flow and pressure, identify leaks in the distribution system and inspect gate valves. While most of the sediment is flushed from the pipes, a small amount will remain suspended in the water and my cause temporary discoloration of the water. When this occurs, residents are asked to run cold water at faucets and outside spigots to help alleviate the problem.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding hydrant flushing, please call North Andover Public Works at (978) 685-0950.

Recreation Complex Final Conceptual Layout

Estimated Project Cost:  $8,750,000
Funding Source: Community Preservation Act (CPA), Town Reserves, Private Fundraising
Estimated Start Date: April 2019
Project Description:  This project includes comprehensive improvements to the current home of Hayes Stadium and other ballfields that are located along Chickering Road between the rear of the North Andover Middle School, the Atkinson School and the Anne Bradstreet Early Childhood Center. This is the largest open space/recreation project in the Town’s history impacting 16+ acres. Project features include new ballfields, a perimeter walking track, amphitheater, pickle ball and basketball courts and two playgrounds.

Recreation Complex Final Conceptual Layout.png