[NA Stevens Library News] This week at Stevens – The History of Nutcrackers! and more…

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This program contextualizes the diplomatic, economic, cultural and military interactions between empires, nations and peoples in the 20th century that shaped America’s increasingly important role in the world and set the stage for The Camp David Accords.

You may never have given those funny painted statues much thought but the history of nutcrackers involves the development of tools from the Stone Age to the Industrial Age. Their story encompasses the political changes of Communist-era Germany, a Russian ballet and American G.I.s. These are all elements in the history of the charming, colorful creations we enjoy today.

Are you curious about Dungeons and Dragons? Would you like to learn more?
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The Sistine Chapel is one of the most beautiful and most famous works of art in the world. Dive into Michelangelo’s inspiration and process (did he really lie down as he painted the ceiling?) and consider how the masterwork has been altered by time and restoration.
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