The North Andover Commission on Disability Issues a/k/a Commission on Ability Assistance, a Town chartered Commission is tasked with serving the Town in an advisory capacity to identify the needs of the community under the ADA civil right law, monitor initiatives generated by the Commission and see results are achieved in order to continue to work on bringing accessibility to the community.

The Commission will host an approximately half-hour television program on North Andover Cam called “Ability Assistance.”  The focus of the program is to highlight services and support groups in North Andover and introduce non-profit organizations that serve those needing extra assistance.

The Commission’s first three shows set to tape are as follows:

July 28, 2018 the Commission’s first guest will be Ms. Joyce Bradshaw, North Andover’s Town Clerk to discuss services the Town offers to assist residents conducting their business with the Town.

August 25, 2018 the Commission with be joined by North Andover Parents’ Advisory Council to discuss the services they offer to help families with school age children.

October 13, 2018 the Commission will be joined by Debra Freed, Executive Director of New England Paralyzed Veterans of America to discuss the work they do to serve the community.

Other non-profit organizations and Town offices are being contacted to be future guests of “Ability Assistance.”  If you are an organization that provides Ability Assistance please contact
Phyllis A. Jones, Chair of the Commission on Disability Issues at 
(978) 688-9500.